Jumlah 110,400. Pecahan: Melayu 58,500. Cina 28,200. India 17,500. Lain2 Bangsa 7200. Menjelang tahun 2010, dijangka pertambahan 0.6% kepada 188,000.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Karpal Singh's outburst was a shocking matter to Pakatan Rakyat. He has his reasons. but to name the Lim's (Kit Siang & Guan Eng) for not giving him respect in the media is unwarranted. Karpal wants to be consulted on all matters, which he claimed Pakatan Rakyat leaders are not doing, but, he is doing the wrong act, too, for bringing Pakatan grouses to the media, without getting to the root of problems, and settle matters on the negotiating table. Just a gentle reminder, Mr Singh, do not do unto others, if you do not want others do unto you. And yet, Karpal stressed his objection, again, towards the implementation of Hudud if Pakatan rules. Look, Mr Jee, we won't circumsize you, and am sure Uztaz Nik Aziz will testify to that. Let's talk. We, the Muslims in PKR will always support Hudud, and we are very positive, the likes of Tian Chua, Gobbi, Sivarasa, Xavier or Lee Boon Chye will support us. Thank you.

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