Jumlah 110,400. Pecahan: Melayu 58,500. Cina 28,200. India 17,500. Lain2 Bangsa 7200. Menjelang tahun 2010, dijangka pertambahan 0.6% kepada 188,000.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WHY BN. 28 vs 28

May Pakatan Rakyat win their cases in court, and we regain control of Perak state. We cannot permit Najib & Co ruin the hopes of the Rakyat in Perak. Pak Lah should know very well, the process was entirely undemocratic, assisted by the three clowns Jamaludin, Osman and Hee, tainted by the froggy Nasarudin. Yet, the PM, unashamedly declared the appointment of a new MB. With due respect to the Sultan, who had been hoodwinked by the unscrupulous Najib, the rightful decision should have been the disolution of the DUN and fresh state elections held.

May Allah bless us all.

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