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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Angkara Siapa...

The defection tales in Selangor and Kedah had been denied by PKR leaders. Kenapa ada berita ini? Betul-betul ke 'cobaan'? Azmin Ali had issued a statement refuting claims of Kulim assemblymen jumping ship. Pelabuhan Klang ADUN was known to declare ' saya masih ada disini"!! The grassroots are astounded....are there more states falling to BN/UMNO? Pakatan Rakyat are preparing for Bukits Selambau & Gantang bi-elections, and here and there the rakyat are being fed with these unwarranted 'hot' news. This can jeopardise our chances in both bi-elections, especially to the fence-sitters, who had been giving votes to Pakatan Rakyat in 2008. This could culminate into more than extra efforts by the election machinery to be applied in Bkt Selambau and Bkt Gantang. A lot of questions will be asked, and the rakyat want more than satisfactory answers to be convinced of winning the votes.

Tan Sri Khalid, Selangor's boss is doing a good job of convening meet the wakil rakyat session, to go to the roots of the problem of 'missing' assemblymen. The rakyat hope all is in order in Selangor, or else Najib & Co will infiltrate the 'weaklings' with millions, which admittedly, an amount only a handful of the present ADUNs ever lay their hands on, except the corporate figure Tan Sri Khalid, the MB and a few others who had been businessmen before entering politics. Otherwise, one or two could fall into Najib's trap, and make Khir Toyo's face whiter and fairer. Just a gentle reminder to Selangor reps, please be strong! To the Muslim ADUNs, menerima rasuah HARAM, makan daging babi HARAM, so jangan lakukan kedua2nya. To the non-Muslim ADUNs, be a fighter, lets go all the way to Putrajaya with high moral and integrity, and do not let the hopes of the rakyat go to the rocks, down into the drain. To Badrul Hisham of Pelabuhan Kelang, straighten your acts. We have not much time for petty personal affairs to look into, we want to rule the country. Solve minor squabbles immediately, and start working to reach the sky. Playing truant, 'missing game', and playing the denial press statements are school children's tricks!! Please grow up!!

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